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so the divide jogger set is only in the uk store :( if i tried to buy it would they ship it overseas? or would it just redirect me to the us store where it’s unavailable?

I just checked and it is available in the US store!
You have to preorder it though. It will be available on 24 November.

hi can you include pictures of eds tour staff! i would like to say hi!

Hello! Ed’s crew is really big. I don’t know all of them (most of them work backstage too). But these are the people that most of the fandom know and that you might see in the arena. 


You have Kevin (on the left), he’s Ed’s security guard and you can find him on the side of the stage or between the stage and the barrier. 

Then there’s Stuart (on the right), he’s Ed’s manager. You can find him at the sound booth or at the side of the stage.


And then there’s Trevor, he’s Ed’s guitar tech. You might only see him when he’s bringing Ed a new guitar or when he’s waiting at the side of the stage.. 🙂

I hope this helped a bit 🙂 I know it’s not a lot, but like I said.. Most of them work backstage.

Is there anyway I can watch celebrity juice back online ? Thanks

You can watch it here! 🙂 Enjoy!

Did you happen to get a copy of Jovels post before it was deleted?? Curious minds are curious

Which post? If you mean the breakfast thing, that’s still on his page and I reblogged that from his tumblr too 🙂

Could you maybe post this for me so more people see it? Thanks! x Hey there, I’ve got a spare ticket for Ed’s show at Stockholms friends arena on July 14, 2018. I’m going with a friend, were 20 and 21 years old so if you want to go with us, hit me up! We are selling the tickets a little under the original price of 915 kronors. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Stockholm ticket for sale! 🙂

does ed have a consistent setlist for this tour or is it kinda random each night?

The setlist is almost the same for every concert. Ed sometimes changes it by changing “Ed’s choice”


These are the setlists from the past 2 shows. You can always check the setlists here

hi! if the concert says it starts at 7:30 is that when doors open or thats when the opening act starts? thx!

Hey! It’s when the opening act starts. Ed is on stage around 8:30 🙂