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Love the colour of the encore shirt on him!

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Manchester night #1

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Manchester ❤️

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teddysphotos: And the opening acts for my North American stadium tour are… [x]



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👀 Is anyone available for resuscitation? 👀


Ed on stage in Manila

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Manila! 😍

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Divide • Tour

I am actually lost for words, like really lost for words. Not even Merriam, could hep me. I think, I even left half of my mind, lying on the concert ground.

But anyway, Ed Sheeran, I don’t care how long I have waited for this moment to arrive. I don’t care if it took long than expected. It’s absolutely fine with me for I know everything’s going to be worth it in the end, and to tell you the truth, you didn’t disappoint!!!

This is the happiest I have ever been. I was so happy and overwhelmed at the same time, I even forgot to take photos, and all I did was be one with his songs all throughout the concert, I was just singing my heart out, not even missing a single beat in rap parts.

And although my friends were standing at the back most part of the grounds, I did not feel lonely for Sheerios are the most awesome supporters, ever (which is true for me, but not for all.)

And before I forget, shoutout to this girl who asked me if I were okay when she saw me shed tears when Ed started singing Photograph. Too bad I wasn’t able to get her name. But, still grateful to have given me her company.

I know I suck at taking photos, and I apologize for that, but who would have steady hands when you hear your favorite singer sing your favorite songs, live?

My inner Sheerio is extremely happy. My 2018 is already complete.


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Ed Sheeran performing in Manila 4/8/18

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wow this made me so much more excited to see him in october (also my love of live stage entrances has not ceased)