Hi Jen, Big fan of the blog although I guess i…

Hi Jen, Big fan of the blog although I guess i'm not a typical Ed Sheeran fan as a 37 year old bloke. I'm hoping you can help me find a version of YNMIDNY I used to have, it's acoustic, similar to the Bing Lounge version, but starts with him saying something like 'when I first started this song was only 2 minutes long, it was absolutely sh*t'. I remember it being amazing. Thanks in advance.

Hi! I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to get to your question. First let me just say, lots of guys like Ed’s music, and lots of people in their thirties do too, so I hope you don’t feel out of place here or anything like that. You’re in good company. Everyone here has excellent taste in music. 🙂 

I tried to find the version of YNMIDNY that you’re talking about, and I sort of got sucked down into a big Youtube black hole. I didn’t find one with that quote, but do you think it could have been [this]? At the beginning, he says he used to play without a tuner and it sounded terrible… But you’re probably thinking of a different one because I think I remember which one you’re talking about and it wasn’t the live room. But I do think this is an excellent version anyway. 

Here’s the one I personally used when I finally sat myself down and made myself learn all the lyrics to the extended version. I had a concert the next day and I didn’t want to be there not knowing all the words like I had before. xD And this was the version he was performing in the US at the time: 

Gosh. There’s so many really fun live versions of YNMIDNY, aren’t there? I rewatched a lot of old gems looking for the version you mentioned, and I got all nostalgic. Look at this one where he begins with the black cab part from the You Need Me EP and actually sings more than he raps:

Also I love this version with Pass Out in it. How happy is Ed here? Performing with no shoes! And he brings Murray up on stage. I would have loved to be there for this performance!

And in case there’s someone who hasn’t seen it yet, here’s the livestream Ed did a few years ago to explain the evolution of YNMIDNY, and then he performs the version he put out on the One Take EP. It’s in two parts and definitely worth the watch if you like the song!

I’m sorry I couldn’t help you find the exact version you were looking for, but thanks for inspiring me to look up these old videos again! I hope if someone else knows which version you mentioned then they’ll leave a comment or send a message. 

I also have your other question here, which I think is just a fascinating discussion to have, but I’m going to think on it a little more before I answer. 🙂